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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

      From preschool through grade six, Ansonia Elementary has a
population about 400 students. We are the next best thing to a family. Our
school is a welcoming place for children and adults.

      Our goal is for all children to become independent readers,
writers and thinkers. Our academic areas cover reading, writing, math, science,
and social studies. We offer physical education and music to all students. Art
is offered to students in K-4. Keyboarding, life skills and choir are offered
to all 5th and 6th graders. All classrooms in grades K-4 have iPads in the
classroom to use in small group work. Two computer labs and two computer
laptop carts are available for teachers to use to teach keyboarding, computer
literacy, research and test taking skills.  Smart boards and document cameras
are in most of the classrooms. Teachers infuse this wonderful technology
daily in their classrooms. We offer a part-time gifted instructor for students
that qualify for that service in grades 3-6. Based on frequent assessments we offer
intervention for students, which is held before, during and after school in
math and reading.
    Ansonia Elementary welcomes volunteers and we offer many
ways for you to become involved! Other volunteers become involved through the
"Three For Me" volunteer program. This program allows parents and community
members to volunteer by cutting out items, baking cookies, helping at after school
functions and various other activities the school needs help and assistance. Ansonia
Reads is a specific volunteer program where a volunteer is paired with a student to
help one on one with their reading. Volunteers are also used in the Tiger Book Club
which sends home books nightly with students in K-3 geared to
that child’s reading level.
   "Three For Me" is coordinated through our Ansonia
Parent Alliance (APA). Our parent group is very supportive of the school. 
Ashlee Fourman

Elementary Principal