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About Our District

About Our District

Ansonia Local Schools builds a global community of productive, self-reliant, lifelong learners.

District Motto
"Committed to Excellence"

 Through partnership with families and community, we, the students and staff at Ansonia Local School, commit ourselves to excellence through innovation, personal integrity, and academic success fostered in a safe, supportive environment.

We Believe

*All students can learn.
*Education is a responsibility shared by students, family, staff, and community.
*A formal education reinforces the importance of being a lifelong learner.
*Academic success builds the confidence needed to be self-reliant.
*The arts and co-curricular classes and activities add value to the education of all students.
*Each student is unique and entitled a quality education.
*All people have worth and are deserving of respect.
*Staff and students must adapt to meet the needs of a dynamic society.
*Moral and ethical education develops the attitude needed to succeed in school and beyond.
*Positive motivation and effort drive a successful learning experience.
*The teaching and learning of values strengthen community growth and unity.
*An accepting social and emotional environment rightfully belongs to all students and staff.
*Maximum learning demands a physically safe and healthy school climate.