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Meal Charge Policy

Charge and Unpaid Meal Charge Policy

While the food service department at Ansonia Local Schools strongly discourages lunch charges, we understand that an occasional emergency may be necessary. The following guidelines have been developed to help parents understand the policy and their financial obligations.


1.  Students who charge a meal will receive a reimbursable meal.
2.  If a student owes charges they will not be able to purchase A LA Carte Items.
3.  Students without funds to pay for a reduced-price or full price meal are allowed to charge Breakfast and Lunch.
4.  If money is put in the student’s account online the charges owed will be paid first.
5.  No charging will be allowed the last two weeks of every school year to make certain that all debts are paid in full by the end of the year.


1. The student’s household will be notified when a student’s cafeteria account falls below $-10.00 by letters home via US Mail or home with the student and a phone call home.
2. Notifications to households will include the amount of unpaid meal charges, expected payment dates, and where to go for questions or assistance.
3. If a balance remains outstanding at the end of the year, the District will carry over the outstanding balances paid upon graduation or if the student leaves the district.


Parents are encouraged to pre-pay for lunch and breakfast by sending in money or through the www.payforit.net. The site can also be found on the school’s website, parents may also download the free mobile phone app for additional convenience.
If you are unable to pay for school meals due to your economic situation, please contact the Cafeteria Supervisor. Assistance may be available and eligible recipients could receive the regular school breakfast and lunch at a free or reduced cost through the USDA Free and Reduced Lunch Program.
Households with questions may contact Ansonia Local School Cafeteria at: 937-337-5141