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The school nurse (Mrs. Amanda Fischer) provides a variety of health related services to the students and staff at Ansonia Local Schools.  The school nurse works together with students, parents/guardian, and school personnel to foster the optimum health of each individual student.

The school nurse maintains health records on pupils, which includes immunizations as required by state law. First aid and emergency treatment will be handled by the school nurse.  Other school personnel may be designated to perform emergency treatment and medication administration in collaboration with the school nurse. 

Screenings for the control and prevention of communicable diseases, vision, hearing, scoliosis, height and weight are also offered throughout the school year. Students with communicable diseases will be handled following guidelines established by the Darke County Department of Health and the Ohio Department of Health. Head lice screenings are provided as well as promoting health education and support in the classrooms.

 Vision and hearing screenings are provided to students in K, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, as well as students new to the district. Good hearing and vision is vital to school success throughout their school experience. Scoliosis screenings are provided to students in 6, 7, 8. Height and weight screenings are provided to students in K-9. Screenings may identify only some problems that students may have. If your child needs referred due to screening results you will receive notification via mail. Please make an appointment as soon as possible to have your child evaluated. If you have any questions about your child’s screenings or need any assistance in making an appointment, please contact the school nurse.

 Any student requiring prescription medication, an inhaler or epi-pen while at school must have the proper paperwork signed by the student’s physician turned in to the school nurse. Any student requiring over-the-counter medication must have a signed note from the parent/guardian.

 The school nurse also provides classroom instruction on a variety of health related topics such as nutrition, hand washing, tobacco, vision health, dental health and adolescent health. A walking rewards program and a monthly health newsletter is provided for grades K-6. The Mobile Dentist provides cleanings, x-rays and fluoride treatments and sealants. The dentist visits the school twice a year. 


Mrs. Amanda Fischer

Ansonia School Nurse