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Note to Parents

Be Informed

  • Monthly MeetingsAll families of Ansonia Elementary & Middle school students are members of the APA and are encouraged to join us at our monthly meetings. We count on you to help us make decisions that represent the best interest of the entire school community. The meeting dates can be found on the school calender.  We meet every month beginning in September thru April, with the exception of December. The schedule for meetings will be announced at the beginning of next school year.
  •  Facebook: Like” our page, Ansonia Parents Alliance and then be sure to the select “Add Notifications.” This should assure that you will never miss one of our important updates.
Be Involved
Feel free to email us and let us know in what ways you would like to be INvolved.

We love when parents come to us with ideas!

 You'll also hear from us throughout the year with invitations to our meetings and with opportunities for you to help with events.

We hope to see our diverse population represented in everything we do- please join us!

We look forward to interacting with lots of new faces this year!

Be Invested

This year, when you INvest in APA fundraisers you will not only make it possible for the organization to provide supplies and events to enrich curriculum.