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Renewable Energy at Ansonia Local Schools

Ansonia Schools a 5 Star Green Fleet


Located in Darke County Ohio and serving a student body of approximately 700 students, Ansonia Local Schools maintains a small fleet of 7 school buses.  The school district has worked with Clean Fuels Ohio since 2009 to integrate both compressed natural gas and propane school buses into the fleet and construct an on-site refueling stations. By targeting buses with the longest routes and most fuel use, six of the seven school buses are now displacing the majority of the school’s diesel fuel purchases with cleaner burning, domestic CNG and LPG, resulting in significant emission reductions and fuel cost savings. Clean Fuels Ohio applauds these efforts and is proud to certify Ansonia Local Schools as a Five-Star Ohio Green Fleet.

Ansonia Local Schools Renewable Energy Projects

Ansonia Local Schools signed a Power Purchase Agreement with Sunlight Power, LLC in November 2011. This agreement incorporated a 486 KW solar array on the roof of our K - 12 facility at no cost to the district. The project incorporated almost 2,000 solar panels and twenty miles of wiring to complete the project. The agreement provides for a fixed electric price to Sunlight Power to be adjusted every five years. The agreement will provide the opportunity for students to learn of renewable energy through a Solar Education Center, provided by Sunlight Power. The district has reduced the demand charge, prior to the project from 600 to now at 400. The use of solar power and the reduction in our demand charge has resulted in an annual savings of $50,000 per year the last eight years.

CNG Buses/Propane Buses

CNG Buses/Propane Buses

Ansonia Local Schools partnered with Clean Fuels Ohio for a Department of Energy Clean Cities Grant. Ansonia Local Schools was awarded $246,784 to repower four diesel buses to compressed natural gas. The project began in 2010 with the first Compressed Natural Gas bus being repowered in the spring of 2011. The money also paid for engineering expenses, construction costs, electrical upgrades to our transportation facility, along with a compressed natural gas filling station. We are excited about saving fuel costs for the district, while at the same time providing for cleaner emissions with our bus fleet.

For the 2019-2020 school year Ansonia Local Schools will be operating four propane buses within the fleet. Propane technology has improved greatly over the last several years with propane buses now being manufactured regularly.  We are excited with the potential savings and cleaner emissions with our bus fleet.