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Three for Me

What is Three For Me?

Three For Me is a promise, a promise that parents make to the school and to the children. By returning the Three for Me form, parents give a minimum commitment of three hours of their time to the school.

Why is the Three for Me Important?

Parents play an important role in the life of their children and others. Involvement in your child’s education at both school and home is vital. Actions always speak louder than words, and children are great imitators. When parents work with their children’s school, teachers have more support, and children learn by example that education matters.

Who can volunteer?

That means mom, dad, grandparents, foster parents, or anyone that is involved in the child’s life are welcome and encouraged to volunteer.

How does it Work?

The APA will track the volunteer hours of every person that signs the promise. Once you reach our minimum three hours of volunteering at the school, we will mark your achievement by placing your name on our “Walk of Fame” display. It is located in the main hallway of the school entrance by the circle drive. In addition, at the end of the school year, we will send home a Three For Me certificate and your family will be invited to an Ansonia Family Night at the Starlight Drive-In, compliments of the APA. As our way of saying thank you!

What Counts?

· Help at fund-raisers/committee

· Help at a school function

· Help in the Preschool

· Volunteer for a committee

· Help in the Office

· Chaperone a field trip

· Chaperone a Middle School dance

· Read to a classroom

· Bake cookies/cake for programs

· Donate punch for programs

· Help a teacher (sort or staple for a teacher)
The form can be located here:  Three For Me Promise Form