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Trash Bash

* Trash Bash 2020 has been psotponed due to COVID-19 * 

Trash Bash

The Darke County Solid Waste District of Ohio Countywide Clean-up occurs every April to promote a clean environment by cleaning the roadside/ditches of trash within Darke County.  Students use this opportunity to contribute to their own 8thgrade Washington D.C. trip fund.  A student may start participating as early as the 4th grade and continue through their 7th grade year.  The student must be registered under the Ansonia Parents Alliance in order to receive credit toward their Washington, D.C. trip.   The teams must consist of 4 members (1 being an adult) and no more than 6, per packet.  If you have more than 6 members helping, a second packet of forms must be completed.

For every 2 mile section (both sides of the road), the student will receive a $75.00 credit toward their Washington, D.C. trip.   For example, if you choose to clean up three sections (12 miles total- 6 miles on one side of the road and 6 miles on the other side), the student will receive a credit of $225 towards their Washington, D.C class trip.  
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