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2016-2017 Ansonia High School Profile


Class sizes for 2016-2017 academic school year:

Freshman:                 43
Sophomore:              46
Junior:                       58
Senior:                      48

 Percent of Seniors (class of 2016) taking the ACT :    56%

 Class of 2016 Average ACT Results by Subject:
English:          19.6
Math:              20.7
Reading:         21.1
Science:          20.1
Composite:     20.5

 Percent of Students taking the ACT in the Last Five Years:
2012:    46
2013:    53
2014:    41
2015:    63
2016:    56

 Grading Scale:
90-100=                A (4.0)
80-89.9=               B (3.0)
70-79.9=               C (2.0)
60-69.9=               D (1.0)
59.9 and below=   F (0.0)

 Plans for After High School (Graduating Class of 2015-2016)
Attending a Four-Year University: 44%
Attending a Two-Year College: 33%
Attending a Technical School: 7%
Enlisting in the Military: 5%
Entering the Workforce: 11%

 Requirements for Graduation (2018 and Beyond):
English:                                  4 Credits
Math:                                      4 Credits
Physical Education:               ½ Credit
Health:                                        ½ Credit
Science:                                     3 Credits (must include Biology and Physical  Science I)
Social Studies 9:                     1 Credit
Social Studies 10:                   1 Credit
Government:                            1 Credit

 Business/Technology, Fine Arts, OR Foreign Language:     1 Credit
Students need 23 credits to graduate from Ansonia in addition to earning at least 18 points on end-of-course tests in:
Algebra I or Integrated Math I           English I          English II          Biology
Geometry or Integrated Math II         Biology           American History
Other Options to Graduate Include:  Earn a minimum of 12 points by receiving a State Board of Education-approved, industry-recognized credential or group of credentials in a single career field and earn a 13 on WorkKeys, a work readiness test.
College and Career Readiness Test - ACT earn a score of 18 or higher in English, 22 or higher in Mathematics, and 22 or higher in Reading.    

Class Offerings:

Agricultural Education:
Agri-Science I
Agri-Science II
Production Agriculture I
Production Agriculture II
Agriculture Science Lab I
Agriculture Science Lab II
Horticulture and Landscape

Art I
Art II
Art IV

Accounting I
Word Processing
Web Design/Publications

English 9 College Preparatory
English 9
English 10 College Preparatory
English 10
English 11 College Preparatory
English 11
English 12 College Preparatory
English 12

Family and Consumer Sciences
Managing Transitions
Financial Management
Healthy Living
Child Development
Healthy and Safe Foods
Career Search

Foreign Language
Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish III
Spanish Culture

Health and Physical Education
Physical Education
Physical Education 10
Advanced Physical Education

Math I
Math II
Math III
Algebra I
Algebra II
Introduction to College Math

High School Band
High School Chorus

Yearbook I
Yearbook II

Physical Science I
Advanced Physical Science I
Advanced Environmental Science
Chemistry I
Chemistry II
Physics I
Physics II

Social Studies
Social Studies 9
Social Studies 10
American Government/Economics
Social Psychology
Current Events